Concrete Block walls For Safety And Style

Today you see concrete block walls all around you; in people's homes, some of the landmark buildings in your town and walls built to mark off landscaping. But they have been prevalent for centuries now and you can see their use in Egyptian Pyramids, Greek temples and the ancient Roman architecture. And the fact that these structures have stood the test of times and still remain a marvel should tell you a lot about the benefits of concrete or cement block walls, as they are also referred to.

Concrete block typically has a hollow center, which not only improves insulation in the house but it also reduces their weight. They are ideal for concrete retaining walls and make no mistake; they are as sturdy and durable as they come. If the ancient Romans and Greeks used these walls to keep the enemies at an arm's length, they are now used to protect structures from impact of Natural disasters. These walls when used in tandem with concrete columns and tie beams will keep high winds and extreme heat at bay. Hence they are commonly used not only for residential properties but for offices and commercial premises as well.

Advantages of Concrete Block Walls

An advantage of a concrete block wall is that it is made of non combustible materials, which is why it is fire resistant.You can protect your home from fire and your industrial premises safe in case of mishaps. Come hail or high water these walls will stand up to the harshest conditions. Concrete block walls are also resistant to termite and molds, which are quite a nuisance and can affect the health of your family members and ruin your precious belongings as well. These walls are known for their excellent sound proofing qualities, which make them ideal for studios and other specialized buildings as well.

Concrete walls are made to last; they are less prone to wear and tear than other traditional material used in construction. Some other materials can rot due to fungus outgrowth, which is something you will not experience with a cement retaining wall and neither will it suffer any degradation due to the U.V light, which is something you have no control over. Made out of Portland cement, cast concrete and sand, gravel, and aggregate, these walls require minimum amount of maintenance and once you have build them you don't have to worry about the up keep for a long time to come.

They are very easy to build as well, which is why they have become increasingly popular. However there has been a long standing belief that a concrete block wall can be unsightly, which is something that has deterred many home owners from using it. But the fact is that there is so much you can do with these precast concrete walls to enhance the aesthetics of your indoors and outdoors equally. You can have them covered in stucco or brick for a stunning effect or paint them to not only bring out the best of their look but their outstanding functional features as well.

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